Wednesday, July 06, 2011

A long time coming

Hello everyone! You may have noticed that we haven't updated this blog since last year! Wow. Time flies! I (Julia) am pretty much the person that keeps things up to date (or not!), so if you want to see more recent photos then you can head over to my blog.

Down the road this blog will probably be updated again, since we have some really big projects that we'll be working on and will want to keep people updated about. So... until then, my blog has some updated photos (mostly of the garden right now!). Enjoy!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

A "Suppdate" from Green Gambrels

It's been a while since the last blog post! Here's a quick "Suppdate". :-)

Dad put up a fence around his orchard to keep the deer and other critters out. The deer found the leaves on some of his apple and pear trees much to their liking! Now there's a tall fence that goes around the entire orchard.

Here's the groundskeeper...

...and his helper!

We had some other helpers, too... 

... but they spent most of their time playing instead of working.

 Working hard... 

(Notice how Dad is the one doing all the work... ;-)

The gate, before the fencing was up

The final product, in the snow

So far it's working! 

Here's our house...

And the barn and driveway.

Let it snow (more)!

You can also take a look at Julia's blog for more recent photos.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

It sure is Spring!

Things are going well here at Green Gambrels. Here are a few photos of what's been going on outside.

Mom and Dad planted our potatoes.

The kitties helped!
"Look out Ollie, or you'll get planted!"
A friend of ours gave us two more chickens...
This white one is actually a meat bird. He's getting pretty big! :-)
On one of our trips between New Hampshire and Maine we picked up some dog kennel style fencing, which we're using as a "chicken kennel".

 Dad planted grass in his orchard, and it is coming up nicely!
His trees are also growing well.

Now here are some photos from the inside....

The latest addition to our household is....
another cat!
You may get the idea from this photo that he's pretty small. :-) We don't know exactly how old he is right now, but he may be around 4-5 weeks. He's an orphaned kitten, and some friends of ours in NH were raising him but they didn't want to keep him, so we took him home with us.

He likes his milk....
 ...and his teddy bear...
 and, of course, all of our shoes. :-)

Here are some photos of the upstairs construction.
The bathroom is almost completely done. The plumbing was inspected and approved, and the only thing that remains now is for the trim and molding to be put up. The floor is down too, and it looks really nice!

So that's most of what is new around here. :-)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More house photos

Here are some photos of the construction of the upstairs of the main house.

If you walk up the stairs and turn right, this is what you'll see...

My bedroom door is to the left, and Jessica's room is to the right. Jessica's room is the only room upstairs where we haven't changed anything! We've removed the wallpaper from my room and Mom and Dad's room, and, of course, in the "flower room" we've added the bathroom. Speaking of which...

Here's the entrance to the bathroom. We've added a skylight. The rectangle cut out in the wall to the right is where the mirror/medicine chest will go.

The shower...
The closet in Mom and Dad's room...
The closet in my room...
The long closet at the top of the stairs
And last but not least, our new back door in the breezeway!

Speaking of new things, Dad has finally gotten all of his trees planted in his orchard!

They're not much more than sticks right now, but hopefully in about 4 years they'll start producing fruit.
Our high-tech deer scaring system
Mr. Appleseed himself

Spring is certainly in the air and on the ground! Our garlic is looking pretty nice...
and so are Mom's pansies! (And don't forget the spiders! :-)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Before and after

Well, it's been a while since our last blog post! Lately we've been mainly working on construction inside our house. Instead of posting a ton of photos with the different phases of construction, I'm just going to post a few before and after photos for your viewing pleasure. :-)

Some good friends of ours from CT came up for about a week and a half and helped us immensely with our construction projects. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. K! :-)

The Garage:

After (new sink, new floor, counter, cabinets)
The kitchen:

After (new floor, new cabinets, new countertop (the old one went into the garage), reconfiguration of the cabinets, new stove)

And here's another photo of the garage/Great room. :-)

There'll be more photos of the 'updated' house soon!